We tested the chest seal Foxseal in the jungle of Borneo! Where it was up against extreme heat and humidity which provides a challenge for any adhesive dressings. Foxseal had no structural failures with the packaging despite folding, crumpling and deliberately poor storage methods which exposed it to UV, moisture and mechanical abrasion. The seal itself appeared impervious to creasing and adhered very well in all test conditions. When the dressing was exposed to heat it didn't affect the adhesive properties the adhesive appeared almost water soluble, some dressings become gummy and start bonding to the packaging. We also found the Foxseal to be a great dressing for macerated and blistered feet, the adhesive slime creates a pleasantly cool, friction free dressing, especially good for cases of immersion foot. Applying Foxseal made it possible to comfortably cross-grain with heavy loads for hours on feet which had previously been painful even to hobble short distances around basecamp in flip-flops. We would unreservedly recommend the Foxseal as the best occlusive dressing we have ever encountered.

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